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Insight into the mind of an artist...

The Blag & the Blurb

I thought it would be a good opportunity to share some of my thoughts, some of my inspiration and some of what gets me up in the morning : )

Learning new skills and celebrating all that 2024 has in store

In 2023 I have been very fortunate to have won a bursary to further my art skills, the bursary was from Merge Creative (through SWELL Sculpture Festival 2023).  My journey started when I purchased a welder in early 2023 having not welded in over 30 years, my aim was to weld my artwork Basking in the Sun Eastern Water Dragons, however, I was stumped I realised I didn't know what I was doing and the realisation that aluminum is very tricky haha! So hence my submission was to learn how to weld.


I undertook in January 2024 a welding course with John from SOAW, what a great couple of days, I also learnt the welder I had purchased was not fit for purpose, so after selling welder 1, I have now just purchased for for purpose welder 2. Watch this space...

Other exciting news is I have just signed a commercial lease to move my studio and business into, I am beyond excited. I will be able to start on my upcoming shows SWELL Sculpture Festival 2024 and Brunswick Heads Sculpture Walk.


The Ocean

Every single morning I get into the ocean - I consider myself extremely lucky to live by the beach in beautiful Burleigh. I am a person that loves routine and ritual, and this pleasure of getting in the water is one of my faves. I do have a fear and respect for the big vast powerful ocean, it is at times exhilarating, other times I just like to lie on my back and float.​ I have a growing respect for all the creatures that live in the sea and I do understand that I am a visitor to the sea world and I treat it with the respect it deserves.


​I am a keen whale watcher, turtle, eagle ray and eastern water dragon spotter and I fancy myself as a professional dog patter..

What's the Buzz?

Super excited to have just gotten into Swell Sculpture Festival 2023.

I'm moving into working with a new material which will see my using aluminium and learning to weld.


Watch this space!

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